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I have always had a passion for lawn care. We have a combined 15 years of extensive experience in commercial and residential services.  Our business started out of my parent’s garage many years ago and has since morphed into a premier lawn care and landscaping partner to many. I can remember as a kid riding on my great uncle’s lawn tractor with him when he mowed our yard. From that day forward we have studied with the best and the brightest in the industry to find our niche. Our vision was to become a boutique lawn service and to provide excellent services in addition to great communication with our clients. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we offer more than a great cut and clean-up. Our services are backed by a vast amount of experience and education about lawn are and landscaping.

Our team of technicians are trained to listen to our clients needs first and proceed from there. Grass King Lawn Care offers a boutique experience by way of custom services with affordability as a center piece in order to make professional lawn care services reachable for every home owner and business regardless of size.

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Each cut receives an Identical level of support:

  • ‘Debris eliminated before mowing’.
  • ‘Downspouts moved or lifted before trimming or pruning’.
  • ‘Grass cut appropriate for current weather’.
  • ‘Lawn trimming if required’.
  • ‘Excess clippings blown for cleanliness’.
  • ‘All work double and triple checked’.
  • ‘We will save you time and energy so you can relax and enjoy your summer’.

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“When you hire Grass King Lawn Care, we bring a higher standard to affordable lawn care service by treating your lawn as if it were my own!”

Ryan Friske – project director

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