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A home with a 1,500-square-foot roof sheds 1,000 gallons of water for every inch of rain that falls. It is crucial that this water that accumulates be channeled away from your house to prevent it from penetrating your home or damaging the base. Our gutter service is here for that purpose.

Gutters that are not cleaned regularly will carry heavy debris build up over time, as well as the standing water. That debris and water can weigh up to 370 lbs and can actually change the angle of your gutters (referred to as the “gutter pitch”). The standing water that gathers there can back up into the house and overflow into the home’s foundation, which is why clearing your gutters is essential.

Our experts recommend cleaning gutters out at least twice a year. We typically service once in the spring and again in the autumn. The reason for this is because the leaves and debris may fall and get trapped, causing clogs when when there is rain or the snow melts. While it may sound easy to get out the ladder and do this job yourself, it is preferable to have the professionals do this job and prevent injury or damage, particularly if you have a high roof. Do not risk an accident.


Tips to Maintain Your Gutters

While we advocate you getting our experts to clean your gutters, you may be one of those people who want to do the gutters yourself.

If that is the case, consider these tips:

  • Use gloves work gloves.
  • Know your gutter’s regions, which are the most likely to get congested.
  • Never use your weight on the the gutters, or hang anything out of them.

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