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Tree and Shrub Services

Our full-service tree & shrub maintenance team utilizes industry-leading standards to properly care for and maintain trees and plant health. We offer a wide variety of tree & shrub care programs in additional to trimming and pruning services.

From treating pests and disease to pruning, shaping and tree and shrub care, our knowledgeable and certified arborist team will create a care plan that gives your landscape the most appropriate care.

At Grass King we use only the best products to give your home or business a perfect look while allowing greenery to grow healthy and vibrant. For more information about our services, contact us today

Latest Projects

Healthy Lawn

Lawns have been a landscape staple for a 100 years. They’re a playground for our kids, a canvas where our gardens are made, and a surface that keeps our feet. Let us take of that landscape for you

Patios & Walkways

In the landscape and garden world there are specific guidelines. Landscape edging comes down to your own style, creativity, materials, and budget.

Retaining Walls

Generally, stone edging carries a low cost but does require some “heavy” labor to get it all in place. However, it does produce impressive results.

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