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Every property owner dreams of the perfect lawn. We all know the kind – a full, green, lush and perfectly cut lawn that’s beautiful and complete. A landscape that is well maintained boosts value and makes your property look amazing!


Landscape beds can be suffocated by weeds and suffer from disease even when carefully cared for. No matter your weeding needs, Grass King Lawn Care can take the pains of weeding out of your hands. You can trust that our lawn care professionals have worked with many varieties of weeds, some of which are very difficult to spot. Grass King Lawn Care is here to tackle your weeding issues, giving you the time to appreciate your landscape.

Try our tips

  • The main rule of weeding: Do not leave the roots behind.
  • Grab the weed close to the ground and pull straight up.
  • If there is no rain in sight, wet the ground before pulling.
  • It’s easier to get rid of weeds while they’re little.
  • Ground to dry to pull? Use a tool with a sharp blade, spade, screwdriver or a hoe.

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Tree Pruning

Proper pruning can make your house the envy of the neighborhood and enhances the attractiveness of any landscape tree and tree.

Lawn Aeration

Grass King Lawn Care encourages our clients to think about lawn aeration for their yard about once annually to fight the unpleasant Wisconsin seasons and guarantee a healthy and lush yard.

Lawn De-thatching

Grass King Lawn Care recommends getting your yard de-thatched in early spring to help encourage new seedling growth through-out the summertime.


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about our services. If you need specific help or your question isn’t answered here, you should head to our forums.

Yes. Each garden maintenance session has a 2-hour minimum with two gardeners. It's easy to get a quote, and you can do everything online. Click on the "Get Quote" link in the header and follow the prompts. Estimates take about 5 minutes it's that simple.


We are a full service lawn care provider and we offer customized programs. To know more about what we include in our service, call our support team for a free consultation

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